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Updated: December 29, 2017

Below is a tentative list of what is in your notebook. We will have a few copies of the music for newcomers, but it would be best if you upload the sheet music PDFs from the mp3 page and make the copies yourself. Let us know if you need help printing your music. The music pdfs will be on the web before the first rehearsal of the term.

Comments and suggestions regarding music can be directed to the Music Suggestion Committee. Put your suggestions for music into the newly decorated Suggestion Box... on the piano (usually).

Please be flexible, we may add more music throughout the term.


In our notebooks:
** = new music for this term

Adam lay ybounden (B. Ord)
Be the Change
Bright Morning Stars (Arr. Jay Althouse)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (J. Hadar, Arr. J.Klebanow)
**I Sing Because I'm Happy (Arr. K. Padden / Adapt. R. Dilworth)
Loch Lomond (Arr. Jonathan Quick (OSU))
**Long Time Ago (A. Copland)
**Memory (from "Cats", Arr. E. Lojeski)
Prayer of the Children (by Norman Wallen)
Proper Cup of Coffee
Seal Lullaby, The (by E. Whitacre)
Sing Unto God (by G. F. Handel )
**Sixteen Tons (M. Travis, Arr. K. Shaw)
The Sleigh (A la Russa) by Richard Kountz
We Rise Again (L.Dubinsky, Arr.S.Smith)

Plus the ongoing pieces:

Be the Change (M.Ghandi, S. Doyle et al, Arr. A.Davis, D.A.Hall, J.Hull)
Edelweiss (The Sound of Music, Singalong, Arr. JM)
Proper Cup of Coffee (Transc. J. Moursund)
Singalongs, Simple Gifts & This Little Light (Arr. JM)

**May come back at a future date:

Chi la gagliarda, donne, vo' imparare
Come Into This Place
Homeward Bound
Oregon Home
Sure On This Shining Night

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