Corvallis Community Choir Volunteer Positions


Supervises choir employees, acts as choir spokesperson, acts for choir when requiring immediate action.
• Serves as interface between choir members and the Director; between the choir, the public, and other musical organizations like the OSU music department; and, between the steering committee and the members
• Chairs the Choir Steering Committee
• Acts for the choir in situations where immediate action is necessary


Maintains office storage files, database listing of sheet music, and rehearsal copies; prepares music lists & rehearsal materials for each term.
• Consults with Director to update active music lists each term; updates database listing with information on new pieces & performance history
• Purchases new music, consults with Director on loans from other libraries, publication status & permission to copy, if needed
• Adds new music to files (CCC-stamped & numbered) & database listing, records loans, provides copies (and/or scans for posting) to Director and Website Manager.
• Orders rehearsal copies (CCC-stamped), assembles loaner folders & binders with contents list for each term, provides loaners at rehearsals, signs-out music if needed for use between rehearsals
• If the option of checking out original sheet music is also being used, prepares packets & checkout list, collects deposits to hold for return at the end of the term
• Arranges for appropriate disposal (e.g., shredding) of rehearsal copies or music returned by members when no longer needed
• Provides summary of expenses (music purchase & copying) to treasurer, maintains purchase records in office file
*Note – Librarian has also been placing group orders for choral binders when ther is interest, collecting payments and maintaining the inventory of extra binders. This isn’t really defined as part of any particular job, however, and could be done by anyone.

C) MP3 MANAGER - Currently the job is done by the Choral Director

Provides MP3’s for web posting
• Arranges for preparation of mp3s of any new music for posting on website
• Coordinates posting with website manager and director


Maintains website for committee, member, and public use.
• Designs and maintains choir website, updating information in a timely manner
• Makes sure mp3 and sheet music links are current and active
• Posts rehearsal notes, performance information, music selections, location maps, and announcements
• Keeps domain and hosting information up to date and available to the choir committee
• Makes sure domain and hosting fees are paid; give payment information to treasurer if reimbursement is required
• Designs and maintains a website spreadsheet of member contact information, and provides the info to the committee and Database Manager.

D2) DATABASE MANAGER-Currently this task is done by the Website Manager

Maintains and provides current information about choir membership
• Maintains, provides, and keeps current a list of member names and other data
• Maintains, provides, and keeps current a list of member email addresses
• Works with membership coordinator so that lists are accurate and accessible


Arranges for public performances of the choir.
• Contacts community groups announcing the availability of choir
• Contacts Director regarding possible performance dates
• Schedules dates for performance
• Informs coordinator, web manager and membership of coming performances--date, time, location


Manages finances for the choir.
• With membership coordinator, collects and manages membership dues each term
• Makes weekly payments to director and accompanist
• Pays for music copies and other expenses agreed upon by the choir committee
• Arranges for collection for donations for special events or needs
• Pays all bills
• Reports accounting activities to choir committee at regular meetings


Advertises the choir to the public.
• Sends news releases to local print media
• Designs and arranges for distribution of posters advertising the choir
• Designs, prints and distributes small fliers advertising the choir
• Contacts editor of Our Town each year to ensure choir information is included in that magazine
• Contacts Gazette-Times with copy for FYI and online calendar each term
• Issues news releases to local print media
• Creates, print,s and arranges for distribution of posters advertising major concerts
• Creates, prints, and folds programs for major concerts
• Ensures that there is a choir contact with phone number on all releases to the public
• Contacts "e" editor to include announcements of weekly rehearsals and concerts into the Thursday publication.


Maintains records of steering committee activities.
• Takes notes at all committee meetings
• Distributes minutes to committee members
• Files a copy of minutes in archives notebook


Provides link between choir and UU Fellowship.
• Must be a member of the Fellowship
• Reserves rooms at the Fellowship for all choir activities
• Represents the choir in communications with Fellowship personnel


Supervises physical space where the choir meets.
• Arranges to prepare rehearsal space for each rehearsal
• Arranges to return all furniture to its original space after rehearsal
• Manages the lights, window blinds, thermostat before and after each rehearsal
• Ensures that doors to the building are unlocked and locked as necessary
• Ensures general clean-up after events is completed


Acts as first contact for new and returning members.
• Greets new and returning members at the beginning of each term
• Answers questions for and makes welcomes all newcomers
• With Treasurer, collects dues from new and returning members at the beginning of each term
• Gives all new members the information sheet
• Ensures that name tags are available to new members


Meets with Choral Director once per term to collaborate on choosing new music.
• Choir members may offer music suggestions to this committee by writing their suggestions and putting them in the suggestion box established for this purpose. The box is available at all rehearsals
• The committee will meet with the Director each quarter to review music suggestions for the following quarter. Together they consider how each suggested piece reflects the values expressed in the choir?s mission statement and they seek a balance of various genre. It is understood that the Director makes all final decisions regarding music
• The music suggestion committee will submit a list of songs suggested to the director and discussed at each quarterly meeting to the choir's Coordinating Committee


Builds community and serves as a resource.
• Is on time and generally is a good role model for section members
• Helps create community and promotes positive attitude with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and fun
• Greets new members, explains use of website resources & music. Seats them next to experienced member(s), makes sure they receive a name tag and new member information sheet. Follows-up and answers questions during subsequent rehearsals
• Maintains a section contact list for regular communication about music worked on, upcoming events and schedules, and anyimportant changes absentees may have missed. Checks in with members who have been absent for a long time
• Organizes sectionals if needed, to help members develop confidence in their parts and prepare for group rehearsals
• Communicates with Director, Coordinator, and other section leaders as needed, e.g., problems with music, rehearsal logistics or seating, resources & learning tools


Maintains notebook of Choir's historical information.
• Notebook includes historical information - newspaper clippings, performance programs, advertising flyers, correspondence, and photos.
• The historian is a long-standing member who acts as a resource for information regarding the choir's background and early years.