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Songs for the Times

While taking a walk this morning in showers of rain drops and blossoms, I had kind of a zany idea. What if the choir as a group created a pandemic playlist? We wouldn’t have to actually produce one—just offer suggestions from all genres of music. They could inspirational or humorous. Maybe such a list could be posted on the FB page. I don’t know all the technical stuff myself but there are those that do!! Anyway if you thing this a good idea and possible to pull off, I think it would provide a positive distraction and also strengthen our choir community.

Stay well. Deeda

Add links to recordings if you like!

And Here are a few of my suggestions from the Pop/Rock Genre:
* Don't Stand Too Close To Me -- The Police
* What the World Needs Now -- Jackie DeShannon
* Sing A Song -- The Carpenters
* Bridge Over Troubled Waters -- Simon & Garfunkel

From Dianne:
* Love is Everywhere - John Denver - Link
* Step by Step - John McCutcheon - Link

From Jan:
Fever -- written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, made famous by Peggy Lee --

Oh fun! I'll play, Deb:
Keep Your Hands to Yourself -- Georgia Stellites
Don't Come Around Here No More -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dancing With Myself -- Billy Idol

From Brian:
Pinball Wizard (both The WHO and Elton John versions; must have flashing lights, bumper chunks, and score bells to go with it) --
The Fishin' Hole (whistled theme song from the Andy Griffith Show) -- Link or, Link
The Wild Wild West (original TV series) theme song -- Link
Theme song from StarTrek: Voyager -- Link

 I've got a song, one of my old favorites! Probably more to come, I love this kind of thing.  :), Mary Beth:
Me, Myself, and I -- by Joan Armatrading - Very retro video at:   -- Link

From Stacy:
All You Need Is Love --
With A Little Help From My Friends
-- Both from the Beatles
From a Distance (" God is watvhing us from a distance" are some of the lyrics which I thought was funny because he's social distancing! Ha ha ha) -- Bette Midler

From James (our former director) If I had to make a song suggestion, I'd pick..:
Peaches -- By Presidents of the United States

From Sam:
How about 'American Tune' by Paul Simon.  After seeing your email I noticed it was included in a list of Songs of Comfort which is an idea initiated by Yo-Yo Ma on the PBS NewsHour recently.   Sort of a similar notion to Songs of the Times. -- Link
Big Yellow Taxi -- Seems like this fits in with what's gong on. -- Link

I think Que Sera, Sera is a perfect t song for these uncertain times! From Janet C. -- Link

From Dianne:
"Staying' Inside" - Corona Virus Bee Gees Parody